Safari Wild Africa

We offer you Africa, and the thrilling challenge of the hunt.
Experience the wild and beautiful African veldt and our vast range of game.
Live the hunt of your dreams, uniquely tailored to your every need.


We welcome your interest in what SAFARI WILD AFRICA HUNTING & SAFARIS has to offer as an experience of Africa, the beauty of its natural heritage and wildlife with which this continent is so blessed. We further trust that the hunt and the challenge of the hunt itself will serve to greatly enrich you, as an unforgettable African experience.

How do we function?

If interested, please do contact us. We will forward you with a questionnaire for completion, and on return thereof, further correspondence with regard to the hunting package will follow. You will be advised on questions with regard to species of animals offered for hunting, suitable caliber and ammunition, duration of hunt, permits, etc. Any and all other information relevant to your hunt, accommodation, fees, trophy processing and any other issue concerning your venture, we trust to answer and settle to your satisfaction. The responsibility will, however, be yours for the booking of your own flight-tickets with the airline of your choice, and then further to inform us concerning flight numbers, times of arrival and departure.

Your Safety

We wish to stress that you will be quite safe and that we will take utmost care as far as possible to ensure your safety. Furthermore we would like to point out that conditions are overall quite safe and secure.

Arrival and Camps

On arrival at Johannesburg International Airport we will meet you. We will then assist in the clearing of your rifles and
ammunition, if you choose to bring your own, for entry into the country and on completion thereof, depart for the camp.

Presently our main camps are situated in the Limpopo Province of South Africa.


On arrival at camp a written agreement will be signed with regard to the hunt. A copy thereof will be made available to you for your convenience and perusal, prior to your departure for South Africa in order that all queries may satisfactorily be settled beforehand. Fees must be paid in terms of this agreement, wherein the dates of commencement and termination of our responsibilities will be specified.
Payment of the balance of the day fees must be made with the signing of the agreement. The first 50% of day fees are payable with the making of the booking. Fees, for trophies hunted, are payable on completion of the hunt. A wounded animal that cannot be found must be paid in full, however, we shall do our utmost to track such animal for the successful completion of your hunt.
All payments must be made in cash.

Vehicles, Tropies and Meat

Hunting vehicles are standard 4×2 and 4×4 Light Delivery Vehicles.

No meat can be exported. Trophies may, however, be exported. Our fees include only field preparation of trophies. You will therefore be required to enter into an agreement with a local taxidermist for the further processing of your trophies and for the payment of their fees. We will arrange this for you and further inspect the trophies prior to export thereof, also ensuring that correct addresses are attached.

General Guidelines

For normal antelope hunting bargain on 5 days for three species to be hunted and 10 days for 8 species. This serves only as a general guideline. We can customize a package according to each individual hunter’s needs and preferences. Dangerous game does
fall into a different category altogether, but details in this regard can be addressed while negotiating an agreement. Each client will be required to sign an indemnity form and will further be required to abide by all hunting rules and instructions as given by the Professional Hunter. Although we endeavor to do our best for all our clients, we cannot guarantee the quality of trophies and to shoot, or not to shoot, remains the prerogative of you as the client, in the making of the final decision. All hunters will be accompanied by a
Professional Hunter, who will advise you, the hunter, all the way and to the best of his ability.


Whilst all care and precautions are taken to prevent accidents it should be noted that any safari activity is potentially hazardous, and it is essential that all lawful direction and advice of the safari operator or professional hunter be followed. We accept no responsibility for illness, accident or loss whatsoever incurred in the course of the safari, or for any expenses arising from such illness, accidents or loss. We accept no responsibility for late arrival of weapons or luggage or for cost incurred to collect such items from any airport or other place. Should weapons or luggage arrive late and Safari Wild Africa Hunting Safaris have to collect such items, a fee will be charged. We also suggest you take out the necessary insurance to cover yourself and your property. Safari Wild Africa Hunting Safaris cannot be held responsible for any delays in charter flights.


We advise clients and their guests to consult their doctors prior to their departure to South Africa. Our camp and hunting concessions are situated in Malaria-free areas. A first aid box will be available in camp and in all vehicles for use by clients and their guests.


We recommend clients to bring their own firearms and a good supply of ammunition. Over the years, we have found weapons such as 30 06; .308; .300 Win Mag or similar, are ideal for plains game. A larger caliber weapon such as a .375 H & H or larger is required by legislation for certain dangerous game. Firearms can also be provided by Safari Wild Africa Hunting Safaris.

Season and Clothing

Most hunting is done from March through to October. The colder months are May, June and July.

We recommend khaki, brown or dark green clothing for hunting. Camouflage can also be used. A good pair of boots and a broad rimmed hat is advisable, as well as warm clothing for the evenings and early mornings as these can be very cold during the winter months.


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